For several years now my wife and I have been spending our winters in the Vallarta area and during that time we were introduced to Dr. Liza Magallanes Reimers by other expat friends.

Scheduling our first appointment was easily done by phone and we received a courtesy confirmation call the day before from Dr. Liza’s office. When we arrived at the very modern Jan Javier hospital in Nuevo Vallarta where Dr. Liza’s practice is located there was plenty of parking and her office location was clearly visible on the office listings inside the front door.

Upon exiting the elevator on the third floor we were warmly greeted by Dr. Liza’s associate Luis who welcomed us and escorted us down the hall to their office. Upon entering the practice we were impressed by how clean and modern everything looked and any dental syndrome was quickly eased by Dr. Liza’s kind and gentle manor.

My wife and I both had cleanings using Dr. Liza’s ultrasonic water jet technology and also took to opportunity to get our teeth whitened. The water jet cleaning was far more gentle than the traditional implements we had become accustomed to back in Canada and the whitening helped us both remove years of coffee colouring restoring nice white smiles. Not only was the service exceptionally professional but it was a treat to sit in the dental chair and be able to look out the window at a beautiful view of the boats, houses and palm trees lining the canals of Nuevo.


Owen & Tasha, Canada


Dear Dr. Liza,

I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding dental care that I received from you during the last month. When my wife and I last saw our US dentist three months ago, he made it very clear that we both needed significant dental work to address major problems that had accumulated over the years. Since we now live in Mexico six months a year (and in the US the remaining six months), I thought that it would be important for us to get a dental evaluation while in Mexico and you were highly recommended by some of our neighbors and friends, who are current patients of yours. As you know, my situation was quite a bit worse than my wife’s, with many of my teeth in very poor shape. After a thorough dental examination we ultimately agreed on a plan to create new crowns for virtually all of my teeth and to also complete root canals, where necessary. During the next month we had many appointments to complete the extensive dental work that was required to complete the process. Throughout our many long sessions I was extremely impressed by your professionalism, attention to every detail, and by your always happy, upbeat demeanor. The value that my wife and I received for all of the dental services that you provided was excellent. You and your assistant, Luis, make a great team and your English is excellent which made our many sessions go very smoothly. I would highly recommend you to any of our neighbors and friends and I cannot wait to get back to the US to show off my new teeth to my US dentist….I have no doubt that he will be very impressed.


Dr. Markus and Diane Gmelin


Dr. Markus and Diane Gmelin


f you are reading this comment I can safely assume you are in need of a good reliable dentist. Expats such as myself typically find a medical practioner by word of mouth recommendations or “let your fingers do the walking” commonly known as an internet search.

I was experiencing some severe tooth and jaw pain and needed a dentist quickly. My neighbor had just completed some dental implant procedures and recommended Dr Liza Magallanes Riemers stating he was very happy with her work. > I immediately called Dental Clinic of Puerto Vallarta and was able to get worked into Dr Liza’s schedule. The normal digging and prodding that typically occurs in a dentist chair began but it was performed with care and precision. X rays were taken and as I already new there was a major infection going on in my mouth. Dr Liza prescribed some antibiotics and scheduled the follow up appointment to begin the curative plan. I had a molar and one other tooth that had fractured into four pieces and needed to be extracted. This entailed a root canal and extraction with a bridge to follow.

Now, I’m not the only one who hates sitting in a dental chair and winces at the first sound of a drill but for some reason Dr Liza set me at ease and completed all of my work in four visits. She provided her services in a professional setting with care and perfection. I highly recommend her and Dental Clinic of Puerto Vallarta for your dental needs.

I must mention that I was most pleased with the cosmetic bonding she did to a partially dead front tooth that was much darker than the adjacent teeth. I now smile as often as I can to show my pearly whites.

Thank you Dr Liza Magallanes Riemers. I no longer dread the the dental chair.

Terry Likins


Terry Likins

Hi Liz
This Is our second visit to Dra. Liza. She is very professional and an excellent dentist. We were extremely satisfied from the first visit and just as happy second time around.
I Liz will definitely not be our last time to see her.

She has given me a perfect smile with caps, veneers and an implant.

I thank her again

Liz & Walter


Elizabeth & Walter